Reflections on Praying Family

Kapci Family 2012Kaelynn, my granddaughter, was happily playing with her sisters when she fell and scraped her knee and, in that moment, laughter turned to sorrow.

Hi, I’m Sally Barton and these are my Reflections on Praying Family

My heart ached in sympathy when the tears came but, her Mom was there, providing the comfort of her open arms.

I am reminded of Paul, who in 2 Corinthians, records; “We are afflicted, perplexed, despairing, persecuted, and stuck down – but, not destroyed.”  Chuck Swindoll puts it this way, “Suffering is not about identifying the cause; it’s about focusing on the response.”  When our response to suffering is to turn to God and each other for support we follow Solomon’s wisdom found in in Ecclesiastes 4; “If one person falls, the other can reach out and help.”

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