Reflections On Home

Family…it’s that feeling of peace and joy we find in a place we call home.

Hi, I’m Sally Barton and these are my Reflections On Home

As our Radio Shine family moved from behind the microphone to a church in the Navajo community, Shonto became home.  We went to reach out in love, and received the blessing of connection.

Drawing families from far and wide to hear God’s Word, in rainy season water dripped from the ceiling into the Sunday school rooms – now the entire roof has been replaced!

A converted water tank burning coal was an inefficient danger, Pastor Richard Coker stated, “We had to get up before the chickens to feed this monster so it will be warm for services.”  Now, a safe heating system warms their sanctuary.  Windows were replaced, general repairs were made and we found we were “home.”

Your gifts have made the difference, bringing God’s message of love, hope encouragement and peace.  Thank you for remembering your Radio Shine family.

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