Reflections on A Life That Was Changed

It was late in the afternoon when a young man, with tears in his eyes, walked through the front door here, at Radio Shine.  I asked him, “What brought you here today?”

Hi, I’m Sally Barton, Station Manager for Radio Shine and these are my Reflections on A Life That Was Changed

His story poured out and I learned that just a short time ago he felt hopeless.  He believed there was a solution to his emotional pain – all it required was one step off the bridge he was standing on.  A friend’s text message coaxed him back to his truck where Matt Redman’s “10,000 Reasons” was playing on Radio Shine.

He heard, “Bless the Lord Oh my soul – worship His Holy Name.”  He said his name was Robert and he came to let us know that he is a life that was changed by radio.

This powerful story of God’s saving grace is made possible by your prayerful support ensuring that lives will continue to be changed through this radio ministry we call, Radio Shine.  Thank you making your investment in changed lives at:

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