Reflections On A Father’s Love

Jesus-ChildrenJesus said, “Let the little children come to me…” And, what a delightful example we had through a daddy that stopped by Radio Shine.

Hi, I’m Sally Barton and these are my Reflections Of A Father’s Love

I want you to meet Rhett, a daddy who shared his appreciation that his children are learning about Jesus on Radio Shine.

“My name is Rhett and I really wanted to share with you guys and thank you for the impact you’re having on my family.  I have three children and the two oldest, four & six, started singing the jingle for the station in the car a month or two ago.  My youngest at the time was 19 months and starting to talk was saying “Shine, Shine.”  I was just thanking the Lord for that and I wanted to thank the people who brought that into my family and into the environment of my family.  If I could say thank you and dedicate any song to your guys at the station it would be “Shine” by the Newsboys.  I just thought I’d come in and share that with you and express my gratitude.”

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