Pray for the people of Oklahoma City.

OK TornadoA monster tornado has roared through more than 30 square miles of Oklahoma City suburbs, demolishing homes with winds estimated at 200 mph. The walls and roof of Plaza Towers Elementary School were ripped apart and at this posting crews were frantically searching for children trapped in the debris. A teacher draped herself on top of six children in a bathroom to shelter them. Pray for the children. Pray that the Lord will give extraordinary strength and clarity to those responding to this devastation, and that every child will be pulled alive and as unharmed as possible from the wreckage. Pray for the parents—that Christ Jesus will envelope them with His peace and comfort. Miles of homes have been totally destroyed. Dozens of people have been killed. Lift in prayer the families of those who lost their lives, and pray, please, for those who are homeless and feeling helpless amid their ravaged neighborhoods. We ask you, Father/God, in the name of your precious son Christ Jesus, to bring a miracle of healing, comfort, strength and peace to our brothers and sisters.