Kelly’s Thrifty Tips for November 8, 2012


THRIFTY GIFT – Moonsand or Cloudsand

Christmas is coming soon.  In fact it is about 46 days away.  I thought a fun thing to do up until then is share some tips and tutorials on gifts that you can make for Christmas.  There will be a new gift each week

Today’s gift…Moonsand or Cloudsand.¬† Same stuff really just different names.¬† Moonsand and Cloudsand are great for sensory tables for kids.¬† They are fun for molding and shaping, and really just feel pretty awesome.¬† I used two different recipes and they were both really easy and under $10 to make.¬† I followed two recipes for this.¬† Here’s what you need:

4 cups of sand
2 cups of corn starch
1 cup of water



9 cups of flour (I bought two 5 lb bags for $1.50 each and used part of one)
1 1/4 cups of baby oil (I already had the generic baby oil)
(No need for another pic of ingredients)

Sand Directions:  This could not be easier.  Measure out sand (I picked mine up at the craft store for $2.99 a bag- I bought 2) and corn starch (the corn starch was on sale for 16 oz for $1.50 perfect measurement), mix together thoroughly.

Slowly pour in the cup of water and stir thoroughly.  

At first it clumps up big time, but it is broken up and mixed easily.

Pros РMolds nicely.  Can re-energize it for molding with some water spritzing.

Cons – The sand I used was a bit stinky, BUT this would definitely keep one from popping it into their mouths.

Flour Directions:  Super simple.  I measured out a half recipe of four cups of flour and 3/4 cup of baby oil.  The recipe mixed really quickly.  The oil balled up a bit, but it really molded nicely and it felt soft like a cloud.

Pros РMolds nicely, mixed quickly, smelled lovely.  Cheapest and really  my fave on effectiveness and scent.
Cons – None that I can think of really.

I made both batches in plastic shoe boxes that I picked up at Goodwill (50% off sale so they averaged 75 cents each).  The boxes make nice storage and packaging for the gift. Both sands were easy to break up and remold again and again.  Both were very inexpensive.  Give it a try.  


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