Kelly’s Thrifty Tips for February 21, 2013



If you live in the Quad Cities area and want to learn some serious tips to saving money, sign up for the free Taming the Grocery Budget class which will be held at Trinity Christian School.¬† Practical Saver, Kara Rozendaal knows the ins and outs of saving money.¬† Kara’s family spends $250 a month on grocery for her family of FIVE!¬† You can learn so much at the best price…FREE.¬† Sign up at this link.


Now this is not going to be pretty, but I have heard time and time again how you can take green onions (or scallions) and put them in a jar of water and just keep cutting the green part to use in cooking.  I tried it out when I could purchase a small bunch of green onions for 50 cents, and I have been able to use the green part (chives?) over and over again.  It just keeps growing.  Every penny saved helps.  :)  


Watch a video at Walmart’s website and while supplies last you can get a free sample of Nescafe Mementos.

FREE EBOOKS (These books were free at the time of my posting.  That can change at any time so always look at the price BEFORE downloading)

Children’s Bible Comic Book- Kings and Prophets by Toni Matas (AMAZON)¬†

A Portrait of Marguerite by Kate Lloyd (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM)

30 Perfect Popcorn Recipes: How to Make Sweet & Savory Gourmet Popcorn at Home by The Green Gourmet (AMAZON)

Detox Diet Book by Melissa Doviak (AMAZON)


Rewards Gold has an opportunity for you to earn a free subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine.  I get a lot of magazines through doing reviews and surveys through Rewards Gold.  The longest it usually takes me is about 15 minutes.

Know a new parent?  They can get seven free issues of Parents magazine.  A great start for those first time moms and dads. 

You can also earn lots of rewards from Recycle Bank for learning about greener living, pledging to make greener purchases and more.¬† It is super easy.¬† Sometimes there are lots of points to earn.¬† At the very least you can earn three points a day by reading and pledging to take a green action.¬† You can earn magazine subscriptions, get coupons, gift cards and more.¬† I’ve already earned 13…yes 13 magazine subscriptions with little effort.¬†


Just in time for the Rock and Worship Roadshow Free CCM gives you the chance to download MercyMe’s song “You Know Better” as well as nine other songs (some Christmas).¬†

Radio Shine artist Plumb has a new CD coming out on Tuesday and New Release Tuesday is giving you the opportunity to listen to it now,¬†Plumb’s new album “Need You Now”¬† is available to listen to all week usually til next Tuesday. ¬†Enjoy!


Boneless pork sirloin chops are on sale this week at Albertsons.  You can do a lot with just a chop or two.  Here are two awesome recipe links Super Fast Pork and Veggie Stir Fry from Spark People (peppers are on sale also) and Gingered Pork and Asparagus recipe from Taste of Home (asparagus is on sale too!).



Asparagus 87 cents lb


Safeway Farms Navel Oranges 8 lb Bag $5.99 each 


Boneless Half Pork Loin Sold in Bag or Pork Spareribs Previously Frozen $1.97 lb (limit 2)