Kelly’s Thrifty Tips for February 14, 2013



Now that there has been a little space between yourself and Christmas, you might have some new electronics that have replaced old but still good ones.  Check out to sell your device.  They quote you a price and when they get the item, you get paid.  A lot better than letting an item just sit in your junk drawer.

Are you shopping for a certain item like a canoe, but you aren’t sure what you should be paying or perhaps you are selling an item and do not know what to charge.  Check out leaves the guess work out of the equation for you. 

FREE EBOOKS (All books were free at the time of this posting.  Please remember to look at the price before you download.  They can change.)

The 4 Seasons of Marriage: Secrets to a Lasting Marriage by Gary Chapman (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

Why Holiness Matters:  We’ve Lost Our Way– But We Can Find It Again by Tyler Braun (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

Gone To Green: The Green Series #1 by Judy Christie (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)

The First Gardener by Denise Hildreth Jones (CHRISTIANBOOK.COM) (AMAZON) (BARNES & NOBLE)


While supplies last, sign up for a free sample of  Gevalia Coffee Kcups at their Facebook page.


New Release Tuesday is having a free listening party all week long for Jeremy Camp’s new CD “Reckless.”  Cool way to try before you buy.  Enjoy at this link.



Fresh Assorted Pork Loin  Chops bone-in in everyday value pack $1.99 lb

FRY’S (4 times the fuel points on every restaurant gift card purchase this week. Plus download special Daytona coupons and save even more on special items)

Foster Farms Boneless Chicken Breasts, Tenders or Thighs Fresh USDA Grade A Buy 1 Get 2 Free (save up to $5.99 with card)


Red Ripe Strawberries lb 4/$5 (limit 4)