Brighten Their Valentine’s Day

You can make Valentine’s Day a little brighter in a couple of ways!

Arizona Shine’s Drive Thru Difference is Friday, February 13th, and it’s a great chance to Share His Light the day before Valentine’s Day! ¬†Simply click here to print out: 90.9 Arizona Shine Note¬†(PDF).
Flagstaff 90.7 Drive-Thru Note        Wickenburg 101.9 Drive-Thru Note

Then, when you go to a drive-thru for coffee or a quick bite, pay the tab of the person behind you and hand the cashier the note to give them with their order. ¬†It’s great fun to reach out, surprise someone, and brighten their day!


If you happen to be in our neighborhood, we would love to bless you with two Valentine’s Day flowers – one for you, and one for you to give away as a blessing to someone else. ¬†Come on by the Arizona Shine studios at 3741 Karicio Lane in Prescott between 7 AM and 10 AM to say hello and get your Valentine flowers!

  Join your Arizona Shine family in spreading the light!